Doodles While I Construct

There’s a lot to say: I am working on a Statement of Purpose, a working plan, and I am overhauling this webpage. I am also dealing with a broken foot and having to climb the stairs to the loft where my studio and all my art supplies are located. The business plan is forming. I’m doing the research. Listening to the podcasts. Feeling overwhelmed.

Yesterday, I dragged my husband (who is my designated driver since I broke my right foot) to the Three River’s Art Guild Art Show in town. I wanted to know what my competition is, what the average sale price of original art work is, how friendly the guild members are, and where I feel I stack up in the competitive field. Does my internal mission statement hold up? Can I fill a niche? Do I need to change anything before I go “pro” upon my retirement (or before, as that is in 2 years)?

I’m feeling good about this. I said, several times, that I was “making a retirement plan” and that everything was “progressing well.” Words mean a lot. I met some great artists, all within my age range. I noted who was selling art and who was not (thanks to my mentor in that area – I know that you need to be outspoken and greet potential customers, not sit back and watching the world go by.

I’m processing all of this. Meanwhile, I am dealing with a pretty bad break in my right foot which has prevented me from making too many trips up to the loft where my art studio is located. Serious bummer. Compound that with the piles of books I inherited from my father that are sorted (loosely) in genre and in stacks along the edges of the loft. Twelve of those books are a 1965 encyclopedia of the natural world, published by the National Audubon Society.

The photos are horrid. Most of the graphics are of Audubon, himself, or some other minor artist. The photographs are black and white, or are tinted 1960’s photos where the color is less than true. BUT – ooooh – huge!! I found some great angles of animals and since animals are my passion… I spent the past three days doing some preliminary sketching with colored pencils and watercolor pencils.

003This seriously cute opossum. The photo is B&W, so I had to figure out colors. It was grinning, I swear. So much potential in this critter! Whiskers are actually white. Maybe a Brian Jacques honor? I’m not sure, but this guy is cuter than most possums I have encountered…

004A roseate spoonbill. The color in the photo was awful. The composition was decent. I can work with this.

001Tufted Titmouse. We don’t have them here on the West Coast. I can see this guy inĀ  Punk bank. I added the blue – the photo was all a soft grey. He needs a rock bad, an EMO setting, maybe a little brighter blue to the tuft…

002This has nothing to do with old encyclopedias: this is the Harvemeister taking a brief rest. I just threw it in because I love the Harvemeister.

005The best ever: A Turkey Vulture. I kid you not – I took this straight from the Audubon book, no credits given. This vulture was looking over his shoulder and grinning like that.

Just a few sketches…