Betty Aye-Aye


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Betty Aye-Aye, from the Characters Gallery, is 3×3″ gouache on canvas, painted around the edges. Unframed. She can be displayed by hanging on the wall, adding magnetic stripping to the back and hanging on the refrigerator, or free-standing on a mini shelf or easel.

Aye ayes are lemurs of Madagascar. They are endangered – one of the reasons I was drawn to these strange primates. Their long fingers are another reason. But that look! The full caption for this painting is: “Everyone knew not to get between Betty Aye-Aye and her morning coffee.” She even has those funky green clip on rollers in her bed hair! As I expand the store, I hope to plaster her face on coffee mugs.

Product will be wrapped in plastic and shipped in a bubble envelope. All care is taken to ensure she arrives safely at her destination. Gouache is a water-based medium, and the product cannot get wet. There are no guarantees or warranties on artwork. No returns. Artist retains all rights to the image.


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