Bourbon Street Sloth


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This sloth, from the Celebrating Holidays Gallery, is 3×3″ gouache on canvas, painted around the edges. Unframed. He can be displayed by hanging on the wall, adding magnetic stripping to the back and hanging on the refrigerator, or free-standing on a mini shelf or easel.

He is a 3-toed sloth down on Bourbon Street, in New Orleans, on Maundy Tuesday (Mardi Gras), just enjoying the street music, the crowds, the aromas, and the bead throwing. It’s the romanticized version of Mardis Gras, with beignets and King cake, masquerades, and outrageous hats. He’s slow moving, but that fits in with the easy going Louisiana culture.

I’ve never been to Mardi Gras, but the culture fascinates me. Maybe one day, I will stroll down Bourbon Street  and eat a real beignet. It’s a dream.

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