Bubba & Mary Sue’s American Football Homecoming


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This duo, from the Characters Gallery, is gouache on 4×5″ by 1″ deep canvas, painted around the edges. Unframed. They can be displayed by hanging on the wall or free-standing on a mini shelf or easel.

What more could a pair of Australian teenage Numbats want? Mary Sue dreamed of being a Homecoming Queen to the point of convincing Bubba they needed to move to the American Midwest. Numbats are native to western Australia, and are marsupial anteaters. Bubba and Mary Sue were instant hits with their American friends, and when it came time to vote for Homecoming Queen – well, you can see who won.

Product will be wrapped in plastic and shipped in a bubble envelope. All care is taken to ensure painting arrives safely at its destination.  There are no guarantees or warranties on artwork. No returns. Artist retains all rights to the image.


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