Charlotte O’Possum and Adelaide (“Addy”) Quoll


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This painting, from the Celebrating Holidays Gallery, is gouache on 4×5″ by 1″ deep canvas, painted around the edges. Unframed. It can be displayed by hanging on the wall or free-standing on a mini shelf or easel.

A North American marsupial strikes up a pen-pal relationship with an Australian marsupial: they have so much in common, and when Addy finally travels to Arkansas to meet her friend, they enjoy a special bonding over the American Thanksgiving feast. Charlotte is a common opossum, the only marsupial north of Mexico. Her pen-pal, Addy, is a Tiger Quoll, from southern Australia. Quolls (there are five species) are endangered due to loss of habitat, introduction of invasive species (Cane frogs), and competition for food. The girls look quite similar in build, but are not even remotely related, except they are bot marsupials (and they love the same kind of music and teen idols).

Product will be wrapped in plastic and shipped in a bubble envelope. All care is taken to ensure painting arrives safely at its destination. There are no guarantees or warranties on artwork. No returns. Artist retains all rights to the image.


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