A Stalled Out Confession

I stalled out. I admit it. I hit a wall. I need to update this website and it scares me, even though I have three books on “how to” and I have been assured by friends that it isn’t that hard, especially if you’re even a little bit tech-savvy.

I stalled out because I got into Spring Cleaning and it is all-consuming and energy-draining.

I stalled out because my imagination hit a brick wall.

And I stalled out because sales of mini pet portraits died out after Christmas. Ouch.

Annnnnnd – tonight I decided to paint because I am trying my very best to ignore the clutter and MESS behind me in the studio. I am Spring Cleaning the loft and the studio, and everything is in total disarray. It’s very distracting. No, it’s worse than that: it looks like a teenager’s bedroom.

I decided that rather than attack the obvious and clean my space, that I would turn my back on it and work on that horse I’ve been sketching.

010I couldn’t get a good photo of the finished product because – well – the studio is a mess and I like to set the 3×3″ canvas about 6 feet from my camera to take several photos, then I crop them and delete the worst ones. I don’t have 6 feet of clear space at the moment and had to punt.

I’m pretty happy with “Horse With a Tiara” or “Sakura-Con Horse”.

Next project on tap: Marlowe Coyote. I may clean my studio space sometime this week, but I have painting to run interference on the mundane chore of filing and putting away…