Doodles and Practice

I have been doodling with watercolor crayons and pencils. They have their uses, but I wouldn’t use them for more than doodling at this juncture in my life. I love them – but I have not mastered them.


This is my concept for Hoss. If you don’t get the reference, you are too young. Dan Blocker was an actor who played the middle son on the TV series, “Bonanza” in the 1960’s. He was a big guy and he was a gentle character, quite the opposite of the stereotypical Brahman bull. The first Brahman cull I ever got close to was a big bull that bucked in the Humboldt County Fair and Rodeo in the very early 1960’s. That bull took out at least two box seats of the stadium, unseated, the cowboy, and continued to buck. I remember peering through the slats of a corral at him afterward, wondering if he wanted to kill me, too. I suppose he did.

to sir1

This has been a harder one to work with. The endangered Ugandan (Rothschild’s) giraffe. I didn’t even know there were different kinds of giraffes – did you?? This is my mission statement: to introduce people to, and to preserve in our memory, species of animals that might get lost somehow. The Rothschild giraffe has five “horns”. My idea was to incorporate him with a tribute to Sidney Poitier (one of my favorite actors of all time). The above is my first sketch, on watercolour paper.

to sir2I used a flatter paper for this (pen and ink paper). Still not rocking it. The idea is good, but the giraffe is just not going to be Sidney Poitier. Nope, Not, Never. I’ll have to bring awareness of this species some other way.

In the meantime, I was shocked to find a photo of a big game hunter perched atop one of these beautiful creatures!! I want to reiterate that I am *not* anti-hunting. But… seriously? Why shoot an endangered giraffe? WHY?

betteShe’s a work in progress. I don’t have the control over the watercolour pencils and crayons that I do with the gouache. She’ll be beautiful when I put her on canvas with gouache. This is Bette Davis Eyes. I may change hers pots a little. Giraffe in a leopard print jacket with pearls. And Bette Davis eyes…