Godot loves climbing logs and trees.

He is surprisingly agile for a gimpy Wood Elf.

That little wooden cane serves as a third leg for Godot as he navigates backyards and woodlands.

He can turn suddenly despite one leg being shorter than the other.

He’s all flash and movement as he searches for ‘shrooms and other good things to eat.

Despite his height – he’s right about 60 centimeters tall – you still have to look sharp when you’re in the woods. He’s easy to trip over!


Godot is the oldest denizen of my faerie wood.

Recycled dryer lint, silk, silk leaves, recycled wire, plaster cloth, recycled curtains, wood and recycled buttons.


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One Response to Godot

  1. Mary says:

    His name alone makes one believe there is a kindred spirit there. You took his whispered inspirations to heart Jaci, and brought to us his visual body, thank you.

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