Mary’s Birthday Beads

My friend, Mary, handed each of us a little bag of beads during her birthday party. Mary is an amazing artist and a member of the Beadworker’s Guild (I think I wrote that correctly).  You can see some of her beautiful handiwork here.

The challenge was to “do something” with the beads. Mary continued that we could make a necklace, a bracelet – we could even glue the beads to something (with a sideways wink at me) – whatever. But we had to share it with her.

I have never been known for my fine motor skills. I can do a little crewel work (I actually enjoy crewel, but find it a bit tedious), and if I can get my hands to stop shaking long enough, I can paint fine lines. But I really do not have fine motor skills. My eyes rebel at the close work and my hands shake (this is due to medication, not a disease, but it makes me appreciate the many artists who have a disease that makes their hands shake – and they keep on creating anyway!). For the record, if it is not albuterol for asthma, it is Lexapro for depression. In short, my hands shake.

But knowing I had the freedom to use glue instead of wire and thread gave me a lot of room for creativity.

I shared a teaser last week that included a shot of the faerie wings I created for my little puck.


I used wire and repeated a pattern, then glued the wings onto the puck with Gorilla Glue. (I know I should be using the TM Alt Code, but I’m tired and I don’t want to look it up. All of these brand names have TradeMarks. That’s my disclaimer.)


The puck is not much larger than my lens cap.


Getting the beads to stay in place inside the terrarium was a bit of a challenge. Glue did not work. I used Varathane polyurethane. Seriously. I dribbled it over the beads and let it dry. It’s like cement. It also takes days for the smell to go away.


Today, I added the plants. These are living “air plants” that do not require soil or even very much water – once a week spritz and some Bromeliad fertilizer. I glued everything into place except the plants and the puck.


He has such a peaceful expression on his little face. I wanted to be able to move him around so his view of his world can change: why should his life be a monotonous view? He brings me a little peace and I think he is sublimely happy in his captivity – as long as he can move around.


The pink beads that I received from Mary are the center piece to this terrarium: they make up the “water” that flows from the fountain and the pool in which the little pink Koi swims.


I used pins and glue to create the waterfall. The plants are the beads Mary gave me: I used wire and attached them to button bases before glueing them to the floor of the terrarium. The Koi is a single fish from someone’s lost earring – I don’t know how I acquired it, but I knew I would use it in art some day. Gorilla glue and a miracle helped it appear to be floating on the water.


A little better photo of one of the three flowers. The glass of the terrarium makes it difficult to photograph.


And the Koi.

I am really pleased with this Faerie house. It is not for sale. It is a part of my own personal collection.

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  1. Mary says:

    My dear Jaci, you are the first to show me their creation. I am so pleased you not only used the beads in a unique way, but you also made a place I would love to visit. Puck and I could chat about the smelly world and try to find the window in that terrarium that we could open! Thank you for sharing that birthday excursion with me. And thank you for bringing your own creativity to the world and not just to me.

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