THIS is the smaller of two tables in my workspace. There are no less than three projects going on. (The dog is not interested: there’s no food involved.)

I only worked on two of the projects today, which makes the presence of the little green tea pot unrelated – except that I am working on a little faerie house project there.


First, there are these three items.


The little dragon head fits onto the end of the “wand”. The abalone shell will be held somewhat like it is shown. When I presented the idea to my husband, he suggested I figure some way to “throw fire” from the shell into the air. He had some elaborate explanation of how it could be done, and I actually entertained the idea. Briefly.


Then I got to looking at these. The little silk worm cocoons that I purchased on my Girls’ Day Out (previous post). And those little colorful shells got me to thinking.


What if… There were three little dragonets?


Little dragonets in various stages of hatching…


Critters that resemble each other as much as brother and sister in any family?


But what would nesting material look like…?


Of course, there will be lots of wire and more beads, so this is back on the creative back-burner – again. But now I am excited to think about it and plot.

Doesn’t that dragon look perfectly maternal to you?


Not a very good photo – but the beads that Mary gave us to create something with. They have been languishing in the back of my mind since her birthday weekend (previous post, again).


I happened to clean out a terrarium of Very Dead Plants that was decorating the back of my toilet (TMI, no doubt). Languishing in the dirt was this very tiny little naked Puck. And the wheels started turning in my addled brain.


The first step was to craft little Faerie wings out of some of the beads Mary gave us. Then the little Puck got a paint job for his little boots, hat, and some snazzy little pants.


Of course, he gained a little color in his face and eyes, too.


Originally, I was just going to put some air plants into the terrarium with the Puck, but it occurred to me that I could utilize the beads and create a little landscape for the Puck and the air plants.


The glue is still drying, so there are no air plants in there yet. A pink fountain (the broken top to a coffee jar that I kept “just in case” something came to me as to how to recycle it) and some flowers made out of pins, the beads, and buttons for stands.


I created the flow of pink water off of the broken top by using pins that I bent & beaded & glued.


Since everything is in a state of drying, I cannot proceed any further with this project today. I’m bummed, because I can envision the finished project, complete with the air plants and the little Puck situated where he can meditate on the beauty of his little world (quite a change from the scenery he has endured for the past couple years as the moss and ferns I tried to grow in the terrarium slowly decayed, molded and dried up.

The little Puck is the first little clay creature of faerie nature that I ever attempted to make.

The clay and some of the beads are not recycled material, but the glue (recycled because I bought it at an estate sale), most of the beads, the rocks, the buttons – those are all recycled. As is the terrarium – a find at a yard sale a few years back.

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