The Bookworm

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I purchased this box at a local thrift store last May for $3.99. The clock was still running at the time, although it was off. It was very loud.

002 (2)

It had a plastic liner (not pictured). I think it was a florist’s prop and there once was a plant or plants inside of it. I could be wrong, but that’s my best guess.

The process was too involved for a lengthy post (words, at least), so I will allow the photos to show the process. I made the decision at the last moment to remove the clock and utilize the hole left behind as a “bay window” into the faerie house.

022 (2)

Polymer clay fireplace – I later ditched the polymer clay hearth in favor of mosaic tiles.

004 (2)

011 (2)



The book shelf took some thinking. Originally, I was going to install a “daybed” for the little person who lives here (the gold frame), but I discarded that for need of space. But the same “picket fence” helped create the bookshelf. I bought “books” at the craft store and used more mosaic tiles to create enough “literature” fill the book case.

The mirrorĀ  and the map were also purchased at the craft store, but the door & the wall hanging were not.


The flower is one half of a set of clip-on earrings my youngest gave me two years ago, not to wear, but to use in “faerie houses”.

007 (2)

023 (2)


The door started as a purchased prop until I realized the prop wouldn’t actually work with my house. Some Crayola clay came to the rescue and I made a mold out of the original door to create the inside & outside door of the house.

012 (2)

Entirely polymer clay and a little bit of old lace.


The ashtray & pipe: beads, a button, polymer clay.


Some of the props before installation/


A wine cork. a piece of cloth, polymer clay.

019 (2)

Beads that became “framed art”.



It became a brick faerie home.


He was inspired by Steppenwolf but looks a little more like Wild Bill Hickok.


Nimrod (the cat) made it into my story. Nim used to be my daughter’s cat but now lives with a girlfriend of mine.

I used Gorilla glue and a marine glue. Tomorrow, I will replace the glass in the window and take the final photos.


He has a cozy little life: a hanging plant, stacks of books on the floor and table, a crowded bookcase, a pipe on a standing ash tray, a cup of joe, a cat, art, maps, vases with flowers, a blazing fire… all in a tight little brick house.




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  1. crazy lady says:

    You are so talented. The home is adorable.

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