Elves, Faeries, Masks

This is where I do art for myself. Sometimes, it borders on the odd and eclectic. The galleries under this page are not for sale, but I would be open to making a commission (artist reserves rights to inspiration). Browse for an insight into my mind.

Note: I use a variety of materials. Polymer clay, odd items I pick up at the thrift store, silk, other cloth, draping glue, lath, dryer lint. It’s about having fun and experimenting. It’s also about reduce, recycle, reuse. It’s about stories that hide in my head.

It’s about playing with dolls.

The dolls were gifts from a pen-pal. They’re sitting on thrift store furniture I picked up with visions of faerie houses on my mind. Currently, they reside inside an old stereo stand with a glass front.

Furniture that needs a fairy house to live in. This is for a 10-12″ fairy (yet to be created). Just something on the back burner.

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