Styrofoam Garden House

I finished yet another project that has been ‘on hold’: the Styrofoam garden house. I saved the Styrofoam when I unpacked my new sewing machine five years ago and packed it away in a box until last June when I started gluing the thing together (use Styrofoam glue – other glues will melt the Styrofoam).

It was flimsy and blew over frequently. Haha! I coated it with mortar I had purchased for another project that is still in the works. I used Flexbond mortar mix which I found in the flooring section of Home Depot. It was inexpensive, covered the big project and the garden house – and I still have a lot left over. I mixed it by feel, not by a recipe, but about half and half to 2/3’s mortar and 1/3 water. I’ll attach the link I followed at the end of this post.

The result was heavy enough a breeze couldn’t knock it over or off the table – about 5-8 pounds. I painted it and then – I stopped. It’s essentially an outdoor project up to that point and the rains came. I also needed a few accessories, like glass mosaic tiles for the windows, a door handle and lock, a pet dragon for the attached “dragon house”, and maybe a porch.

The porch is not attached, making it easier to move everything. I added a front light using an old solar path light and a battery powered “candle”. The entire thing is 14″ tall and 10″ wide. It is a total of 17″ long if you include the dragon house and porch length.

I have one little dilemma: What chair to use out front?

PS – if you cannot see the images, click on “Simplified View”. It’s probably best view on your Smart phone.

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