Magick Wand


I finished a Magic Wand tonight. This project started out rather boring, but as I learned to use my Dremel and the wood began to take the shape I wanted, it started to get fun.


006I purchased the larger polished sphere at a rock and gem stone, but the marble has been floating around here for years. Oh, heck, I have a lot of marbles (and some in my head): some antique and a lot not. At first I was only going to use the sphere, but there was such an empty gap next to it and more “prongs/paws” so I added the marble.



The wire became necessary to hold the round objects still while the glue dried. Working with the problem was a better decision than fighting it – and in the end, it was the wire that determined the final touches. I pulled out all my jars of “odd beads, lost jewelry, and interesting buttons” and perused them. The five pieces that ultimately “fit” were: a ring my oldest daughter discarded when she moved to Alaska, a little metal heart charm that has taken a beating – I don’t remember what necklace it used to belong to or whose necklace it was, and three little buttons that carry the theme of clear spheres onto the wire.


It is 18.5″ long (45.72cm), light and balanced.

It is the first of (at least) three that I want to complete this year. I blogged about my resolutions here.


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