Faerie Owls

I suppose this doesn’t exactly qualify as a “faerie house” because the denizens are actually an owl and her two owlets.


I started this a couple years ago (I think). Challenge to self: make a tree out of an empty paper towel tube and a piece of wood. I got the project started and then it stalled. And I mean stalled.

I moved it around my studio, considered tossing it, and moved it around some more.

One evening, I was digging through my fabric scraps and came across a cotton print that practically screamed TREE! I’d used it in a different project, but there was still plenty left. So I started in again: liquid starch, strips of fabric, glue-glue-glue. And the vision began to form in my head.


I already had a little hard plastic owl that was begging to go into a project. All I needed were some owlets to go with her.



Polymer clay and paint, and I had the two little denizens. The ground is two different yarns glued to the plywood base.


Some wild polymer morel mushrooms.


Some “funny” mushrooms of unknown origin.



Polymer flowers and some moss growing up the side of the tree (allowing that I may change my mind about the moss – I can always fix this). The pattern in the bark was a permanent marker.


Mama Owl has just landed.



I will do a little fine-tuning yet, but I am pretty happy with the way this project is turning out. It was a little “iffy” about getting Mama to stay on her perch: the glue I used for the fabric wouldn’t work, the glue I used for the yarn wouldn’t hold, and I desperately turned to Gorilla Glue™. The biggest problem I have with Gorilla Glue™ is that it swells, but by adding just the tiniest drop to the owl, I managed to avoid too much unsightly “swell”.

Varnish finished everything off.

It needs a name (or maybe Mama and the babies need names). I also need to sit with the owls a little to listen to their story. I do know the little one on the grass is in no danger as long as he stays within the protection of the tree. And the little one still in the nest is no less adventurous than his brother: he just woke up later this morning. Or maybe he pushed his brother out the door. Siblings do that.

Just ask my grandsons.

*All photos can be clicked on to see the full-size version.

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