Spiral Staircase, Stalled, and Stalling…

One of my favorite real estate agents is always late with paperwork. I mean, she’s chronically horrible. We see each other or I send her an email, her first response is, “DON’T YELL AT ME!” Of course, I am not yelling, but I am (usually) nagging on her for paperwork. That’s what I do with my day-time job: herd cats (er, real estate agents). So here is my disclaimer for this blog post: DON’T YELL AT ME! I KNOW I NEED TO FINISH WORK ON THE WEBSITE! LOOK! THERE’S A SQUIRREL!!

That was the last “S” in my cleverly alliterated post title: Stalling.

The first S is: Spiral Staircase.


It is almost finished! I cut holes in the balsa wood, painted the dowel, glued a finial (some earring part) to the dowel, and decoupaged a print onto each stair. I made newel posts out of polymer clay and beads, and glues them into position on the stairs (I still need to create the banister, which will be a beaded affair – it is not done tonight because I am short on time and any beading project for me takes a LOT of time as I don’t have great fine motor skills). Or it just might be copper wire. I haven’t decided.

010I also can’t decide it I will permanently set the stair case into the fairy house, or if I will merely set a post anchor on the floor of the house so I can stand the stair case for display, but remove it when I need to put the top onto the teapot house. Details.

007Can you find the (unfinished) tea pot lid in the photo? Yeah, this is the mess as of tonight, with a few tools in the photo for scale. Both sets of stairs were an engineering feat for me. The outside set is cardboard, spray paint, gravel, and glue.

006I made a bed to put into the house, but now I think I will toss that idea out. The bed is lower right, and just right for a bunny family, but really too large for the interior of the tea pot.

I think the tea pot will be more of a root cellar or garden shed for the bunnies than a home. What do you think??

005Here’s a quick photo of their current harvest: carrots, two kinds of green beans, snap peas, and radishes. Also a tray of seeds & tools, the wheel barrow, left over moss, the youngest bunny, and a polymer clay tool for scale.

009Two heads of leaf lettuce and two cabbages. They only look real when they are sitting in the wheelbarrow. I refuse to show you how terrible they really look in my hand. My disclaimer is my lack of fine motor skills.

There’s a deeper truth than that: I simply do not have the patience or talent to create polished sculpture and I *like* imperfection in the way that other people seek perfection. Nature is imperfect. Don’t believe me? Remove your shoes and look at your feet. End of story. (Unless you have perfect feet, in which case, I hate you.)

014Here’s the interior – so far. My wonderful hearth broke into tiny pieces when I tried to glue it to the wall. All that survived was the important part – the grill. I glued rocks around it to make it look genuine. I want to be able to set cone incense on it and have smoke go up the spout – er, chimney. Baby bunny poses with.

016Mommy bunny poses with the hearth. I’m putting Easter decorations to a good use here.

Actually, the tea pot root cellar will probably become an Easter decoration.

I priced different kitchen appliances, hutches, and such to put into the small space of the tea pot after the stairs are installed. They cost more than the entire project so far!! Bedroom sets, even at 1:12 don’t fit. I could do a rug. I could do different baskets of produce and a little fire (incense cone) on the hearth for days when bunnies are taking care of business (kind of defeats the purpose of a root cellar, which should be cool, but only us country folk know that).

I’m just at a loss right now as to how to finish off that interior. It could be one big bed and feeding area, bunny style.

This is why it takes me so long to do some projects. I get started with a great idea and then I stall out. It’s OK – because I’m thinking. I’ll be doodling ideas in the margins of my notes at the big Office Manager meeting at corporate tomorrow.


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