Getting Ready for Faerieworlds


Faerieworlds is fast approaching and I have been at a loss as to how to create a decent quiver for the little arrows that go with the bow I bought last year at Canterbury Ren Faire.  I’ll have to post pics of that project, too, I think. It was a cheap $15 bow & arrow set, not really viable for anything more than cosplay.

Fast forward to this year’s Canterbury Ren Faire and the boots in the photo above. I think I got the boots at Goodwill & they fit well enough, but I needed something shorter for the hundred-degree weater we were expecting, so I cut the top half of the Naugahyde boots off. It worked really well – EXCEPT we were on such uneven ground that the heels did me in and I ended up going barefoot most of the first day & I switched to sandals the second day. I’ll keep the booties for a different time/place/cosplay event.

But there’s the top half left over. I thought I could make a quiver out of the Naugahyde, so I pulled one calf section apart.


In all that is insane, the boots are lined with a thin leather!! Yes, real leather. The tan part there. Seriously? That is SO MUCH BETTER than Naugahyde.

I got out the scissors, the wood burning tool, and the permanent markers. Wish I had taken a photo of the process, but I didn’t. I drew a dragon onto the leather, used the wood burning tool to add detail, and the permanent markers to dye the leather.


I pulled out the rivet “gun” tonight. I use it so rarely that I always have to read the instructions, again. It’s super simple to use. It comes with its own hole-punch, and simplified instructions on the back of the package.

But while I was reviewing those instructions, my husband interjected his own advice. Remember what I said about loving that the “male voice” was not present when I was playing with my Dremel tool last week? Yeah. He was all over this project.

I’d say “UGH”, but I quietly hauled it all upstairs and proceeded to punch holes into the leather with the toll (not with a hole punch as my husband suggested – because “leather is too thick and hard for a rivet tool…”). I tested it in front of him and it worked fine, but – you know – I don’t read instructions and I need his advice, so…


I think it worked pretty darn good. I miscalculated how many holes, but that error allows me to tie the three cheap “arrows” into place.


It still needs a strap to attach it to me, but I am really happy with the outcome. I did use a paper towel cardboard tube to give it body.

I’m pretty happy with the results. Cheap, looks cheap, but entirely effective for the costume and character I wish to create for this year’s Faerieworlds.

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  1. Ya know. . .Kentucky has been wanting to make his own quiver for his arrows. And I told him I would help, I even have the leather, AND last week at boy scout camp he got his Leather badge. Now seeing this. . .I think you need to teach him. . .not me. You did a great job. BTW there is a secret to using the hole punch on the leather and it has nothing to do with thickness. Put a small piece of card stock or cereal box cardboard between the leather and the base part of the punch. Do the punch. It will then cut all the way through the leather and into the cardboard cleanly. Doing ONLY leather it will never actually cut the fine membrane of the skin and you will get a hanging “chad” almost everytime. Learned that from all the pouches I have been making which 16-22 holes each, for the drawstrings.

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