I Nocked My First Arrows!

006I finished the project started in my last post here: quiver and short arrows for my cosplay outfit for Faerieworlds 2015.


You’ll recall the quiver is a recycled leather liner to some old Naugahyde boots.. I laced it with leather lacing purchased at a local fabric/craft store.


The shoulder pad is a recycled piece of cloth I found in my mother’s sewing things after my dad died in 2011. I love the embroidered rose in the center. I chose to go with colorful braidwork – this is for Faerieworlds, after all!

020My next dilemma was how to fix the arrows. There were the awful clumsy ones that came with the bow (“arrowhead” is the slip on plastic item on my fingers. I wanted something that looked more like a real arrowhead (in my palm). I further disliked the way they had attached the feathers to the shaft.

I showed my husband what I wanted to do, and he surprised me. He didn’t try to discourage me, but he gave me advice, like where to purchase nocks to put on the ends of the shaft (rather than cutting a notch, as had been done in the original arrows to the bow).

001He even showed me an arrow he attempted to make many decades ago.


He used a real bird point arrowhead and a yew branch that has since warped considerably.

The first step was to purchase a couple thin dowels for my purpose. The arrows that came with the bow were bamboo, thick, and crooked. I wanted shorter arrows (more like darts). Then I needed to create the “arrowheads”.

013Polymer clay to the rescue – I designed each arrow to fit a particular shaft, each unique and all out of gold clay. The decision to use turquoise thread was a conscious one.

016I picked the nocks up for cheap at a local hardware/ammo store – love the flourescent green! The feathers are from a craft store – again, a deliberate choice of color. Between my woodburing tool (marking where I wanted the feathers) and the hot glue gun, fletching the arrows was a simple enough task (a little time-consuming, but simple).

011I have six wonderful arrows!

017This was all the mess I made, too.

023The bow – I just realized I have no “before” photos. It’s a kid’s bow I picked up at the Canterbury Ren Faire (all I could afford). I took my wood burning tool to it and used paint to personalize it.

021Dragons are burned into the face of the bow, which is bamboo. It’s strung with a loose rawhide.

026I left the string & the rawhide, just burned the wood portions.

027And there you go – bow, arrows, quiver.