Last Minute Season’s Greetings

Ahhh – procrastination. I hung all the Christmas lights and put out all the outdoor decorations before I remembered: I purloined two sandwich board signs from a retired real estate agent last summer. I was going to paint some sort of Nativity set on them and have them ready for this holiday season.

Well, darn. Where did I put those great Open House signs? And what the heck am I going to paint on them in short notice? Oh, and I have no primer to cover up the real estate company logo! (At least that was an easily solved dilemma.)


I have never claimed to be a neat artsy person. There’s not a lot of room up here, either. I did get to use the free overhead projector I grabbed two years ago when Berkshire-Hathaway bought out the real estate company I worked for. No one uses overheads anymore: it’s all laptops and projectors.

There was a cloud of blue smoke from the projector when I first turned it on and I nearly panicked. Then the fan kicked on and I realized it was just the dust burning off. <whew>

I started yesterday afternoon.


I will probably continue the star trails into the Manger scene (not that anyone can see that detail from the road in front of my house), but otherwise – I am done.

Well, I still have to wash my paint brushes, put the paint away, and clean the studio. But otherwise – done. I love the silhouette effect.