Is it February?

I sat down in my studio at the first of the year and determined that I needed to complete those projects I stacked up over the years with the thought that “someday, I will do this…” Someday is NOW. The kids are grown, moved away, and have little families of their own (Okay, those of you who know me closely know the kids do not have ‘little families by society’s current standard: they had lovely tribes). I don’t have an outside job that takes up 9-11 hours a day of my life. I have a social life and a husband, but a lot of time outside of those two obligations.

And a lot of art work to complete that has been shelved.

I have completed some of it, but what I found most cathartic in January was to clean out my studio and get rid of excess art supplies. Recycle. Give away. Thin out and be honest with myself as to whether or not I would truly ever use certain items again. Or ever, as wa the case for some things I pitched into the Thrift Store pile.

My daughter-in-law gifted me some art supplies for Christmas. Some of what she gave me were updated and better versions of what I had already – out with the old!

I even pared down my paper supplies. I’m terrible about paper. I can go into a store that sells paper supplies, stationery, art pads – and just breathe in the aroma of paper. It is intoxicating. Those who love paper books know and understand this smell. School supplies. That smell!

I hoard cardboard because I *might* use it one day.

So – I filled the recycle bin with paper and cardboard. I set aside a pile for the thrift store: unused duplicate art pads, a few books, art supplies I honestly will never use (oil pastels, for instance). I swept, I sorted, I discovered.

And I painted. I won’t bore you with all that I have painted, but here’s a teaser. I’m not completely happy with my Hare Pirate, but she is what she is: my hands shake so much sometimes that it is difficult to produce straight lines and since I choose to paint on small canvases, details get blurred by my shaky hands.

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  1. Amy says:

    I always feel so much better when I purge and start afresh! I’ve been enjoying the little glimpses you’ve given at IG. 🙂

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