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I have been busy working on art work, just not necessarily art work for sale or a website to sell art on. It is what it is: busy hands, private collections, and my own yard art (I’ll spare you those photos).

I created two art pieces to benefit an animal rescue I am hoping to get more involved with. One is already sold and the other will be placed in a silent auction at a benefit for the rescue (Arabian Horse Rescue & Education in Boring, Oregon – I’ve toured their facilities without a guide and they are very legitimate in their mission). I was allowed to take photographs unsupervised and one of those photos was the basis of a painting now in a private collection.

Queen Amirah – acrylic on canvas 3×3″

The donation to the silent auction is an ephemeral painting of a lost foal dancing in the surf. There’s no reflection – I titled it “Ghost” to represent the thousands of horses we fail every year.

Ghost – acrylic on canvas 5×7″

I have a granddaughter turning seven in a couple of weeks. Her sister already owns one of my paintings. This particular granddaughter loves unicorns, and since I’ve been on an equine kick – a unicorn was born tonight

The Unicorn – acrylic on canvas 5×5″

Her sister owns a gecko I painted just for her a few years ago.

There has been other artwork, some of which I cannot put on my website. The yard art has been simple wire work around old wine bottles or “found” art wind chimes made out of available materials. Busy work, mostly.

“Sarge” – acrylic on canvas 4×4″

Sarge is a private commission.

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