Once upon a time (all good stories begin there, except those told to me by my oldest daughter. She begins all stories with “So.”)

So. There was this faerie that lived in the sagebrush land. She liked the desert and the desert creatures, and she could often be found sitting on a rock shaded by a quaking aspen tree, next to a trickle of water. In her youth, she was a beautiful faerie with delicate gossamer wings and flowing long hair. She faced no hardships and no long winters of the soul, only the hopeful days of youth.

But winter came to her. The darkness that creeps into our hearts as we age and as we face ferocious opponents took their toll on her beauty. She had her throat slit by barbed wire. An enemy took a swipe at her head with a hatchet. Age ravaged her skin. Her hair thinned and receded. Her wings were plucked during an escape from a predator. She lost her lover, her family, and most of her contemporaries.She battled illness and defeated it.

But through it all, Mitzi never lost her dignity and her soul. She reached into her heart to find strength she did not know was there. A deeply spiritual creature, Mitzi found faith to rise above her circumstances.

This is the almost-finished-Mitzi. She has a kestrel companion by the name of Kyree. She maintains her poise and grace with the serenity of someone who has had to reach deep into the dark places. She does not laugh often, but her lips curve slightly upward in a contemplative smile and her sense of fashion is flirty and joyful.

Mitzi is a survivor.

I will most likely be donating the finished Mitzi to a charity auction to benefit other warriors. Stay posted for more on that.

I just have to finish her chair, the one she sits on while she watches the seasons of the high desert go by. And when that is finished, I will announce her destination.