Most Recent Minis

Kippis - gouache 3x3" on canvas

A commission. Kippis is a darling rescue who healed the broken heart of his mistress, and she wanted a portrait of him to remind her how precious he is. 3×3″ gouache on canvas


A Pink Fairy Armadillo and a blue fairy Penguin (I know – you just sang that!) 2.5×3″ gouache on canvas


Maverick was a commission for a Christmas gift. He’s getting older and his boy wanted to remember him always. 3×3″ acrylic on canvas


A red-eared turtle pretends he is a space commander! Commission for a young man for a Christmas presents (“he likes turtles”). 3×3″ acrylic on canvas


Sherlock Bee was a special commission for a college student who is also an avid reader and afficionado of the Sherlock Holmes. 2×2″ acrylic on canvas