October 31, 2013


I always dress up for Hallowe’en. I dressed up even during those years when we religiously avoided the date (I insisted my children learn how to carve pumpkins into Jack O’Lanterns as well). This year, I was not really up to creating a costume, due to recent hand surgery and a recent automobile accident that has left me feeling sore and exhausted, and slightly off-kilter.

I had my work clothes set out: black slacks and a green silk blouse. Somehow I never got around to wearing the combo this week, and suddenly – it was October 3oth and I had a sinking feeling that I needed to dress up, but I just didn’t know how…


I pulled out the big black Scottish trunk and looked inside for inspiration. When I attended my very first Faerieworlds event, I made a costume to go with my alter-ego (Two Crow Feather Woman). I took a pretty white dress I found at Goodwill, separated the lacy overcoat from the rayon dress and went to town with spray paint, splatter paint, yarn, silk leaves and crow feathers. Scissors came in handy, too.

I much prefer the effect over the slacks/top combo than over the dress that I wore that first day at Faerieworlds.

Boots – yard sale.

Toes – Faerietoes– she’s sweet, guarantees her work & is local (as in, from Eugene, Oregon). Inexpensive & easy to add to any boot or shoe. I love this business woman!

Clothes – usual work attire

Vest – Two Crow Feather Woman creation.


I purchased the Faun horns at Faerieworlds two years ago & did not get a business card. Bummer, because they are really cool, comfy to wear, and adjustable. I paid $15 for them, if I recall correctly.

The earwraps were purchased on Etsy from Cynthia McDonald. She was wonderful to work with, custom made the earwraps and put a rush on them for this year’s Faerieworlds.

The earrings were a gift from my oldest daughter and they just happen to match the earwraps. 🙂

I was so happy with the outcome of the costume, that I have decided to tweak it a little bit and use it for the 2014 Faerieworlds event. I’ll wear a different top & leggings – something appropriate for the July heat in Eugene. I may decide on a prop, like a bow & arrows – but I have several months to consider it.