Still Constructing. Side Tracked with a Fairy House

Forgive my mess.

009I really need to sit down, read up on WP websites, design static pages for the different aspects of what I do, and post things for sale. My biggest fault is being ADD and having too much stuff distracting me. Once I am focused, I am focused. But… It’s still summer and I can be outside. And my foot is still healing (lousy excuse as I can now climb stairs).

Anyway, I picked up on this project I started a couple years ago: a fairy house for bunnies.

017The bunnies. I don’t know where three of them came from, but the two in cute clothes came from K-Mart’s Easter decorations before K-Mart became a distant memory.

018The tea pot. I built the stairs that wrap around it. Most things are glued in place (except the bunnies – I’ve made no permanent decisions on their placement – yet).

008I finally came to terms with a hearth.

013I want to be able to place one of those little incense cones in there to create smoke out of the spout. Test to come this weekend… I used polymer clay and some little brads I found in my mother’s sewing kit. The whole structure needs to be glued into place.

019I have struggled with the “how do the bunnies get into their house” question. I made a staircase. No. Thought about a pulley system. No. A mini trampoline. Maybe. Tonight, I tried making a spiral staircase. Hmmm. I like this. Just needs painting and gluing into place. That’s the littlest bunny ascending the stairs.

I figure a bunny communal bed on one side of the residence and a bunny kitchen on the other side.


I priced miniature kitchen sets today. No. Just, No. This is the sink that will be glued together and installed. Polymer clay, earring backs, and some weird necklace ornament that morphed into a faucet.

I’ll post pics after I glue it together and after I install it.

007I made veggies for the bunnies: snap peas, green beans, carrots, head lettuces, and leaf lettuces.

014This is one side of the back – the ear is behind the tree there, and mushrooms from behind it and the little deer.

016And one bird that will get to have a nest in the trees.

It really needs a lot of work, but I felt like sharing so I don’t lose continuity with the blog and letting people know that I am creating, even if it is not the minis. The fairy houses are more for me than for anyone else.