The Mask and the Satchel

20150831_123931Ordinary wife, mother, and Nana. Office Manager by day. Note that I did not say I was an ordinary sister. Middle child. But this is only the surface.

004 I made this mask a number of years ago – silk cloth, dried flowers. This past week I took it up a level in hopes of wearing the mask at Faerieworlds 2015.

I wear glasses, so masks don’t really work for me. Except…

027Except I met a master mask maker in 2014, and he showed me how he creates masks for “the visually impaired, like us (e.g. those who must wear glasses in order to see clearly). He used the clip-ons from clip on sunshades for glasses.

I wasn’t prepared to try to order any, so bought a cheap pair for $9.99, cut the sun shade off, and glued the clips into the liner of the mask.

028I also had to think about the weather – the mask would come apart in rainy weather, and the flowers were very, very brittle… So I mixed up two tablespoons of acrylic resin and, using an old make up bush I’d never need again, painted and dribbled the resin onto the entire surface of the mask. It didn’t add very much weight to the mask and the result was exactly what I wanted – Win!

026There’s no impairment to my peripheral vision. I think this will be fun (and I need to update all the masks I’ve made to date so *I* can wear them!)

I decided I would need a camera case or satchel to carry things like my water bottle, asthma inhaler, and so on. But I wanted to stay “in character” and I didn’t want to spend any more money… and time was running out (Faerieworlds is tomorrow!)…

003I hope this old fishing creel was Great Uncle Frank’s. If it was Dad’s he’ll probably haunt me.  But it’s perfect.

My character is Two Crow Feather Woman. I’ll make sure to get photos of the entire costume tomorrow (as well as a plethora of photos of other faeries in The Realm).

Thanks for bearing with me!


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  1. So ready to play with the UN_ordinary side of Jaci, tomorrow. You have built a great character! and so ingenious with the mask augmentation. Yes I will take pics of you. Wait till you see Joy! and Kentucky!

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