The Zoo as a Business!

I’m not only having fun painting mini portraits of animals, I am selling them. $30 buys you a 3×3″ gouache on canvas portrait of your favorite animal (head only). $37 overseas. Free shipping. I just need 2 to 3 GOOD photos of your critter (if it is a pet), license to choose which picture I choose, and a week.

I am still working out the details on payments – which means I am in the process of revamping the website, adding a PayPal widget, and a million other little things I haven’t even thought of yet. Right now, I’m wishing one of my geeky kids lived closer to help me with Web Design and Other Fun Stuff. I think I need: HTML for Dummies, WordPress for Dummies, a crash course at the community college on web design, and an advertising plan (currently it is word-of-mouth and FaceBook).

I am stoked, of course – not only is this fun, but I think I finally found my calling. Who would have thunk it!? So bear with me as I change it up here to something more professional, complete with prices and items I’m willing to part with.

Guess I should create a page on FaceBook as well (the possibilities are endless, as they say). All in good time – I plan to get on this by the first of 2016.

Meanwhile – a preview of what I’ve done since my last post here:


Giraffe – SOLD



Gecko – SOLD


012Blue Gnu

Corgi – SOLD


005Attitude Goat – SOLD

Saturnidae Moth



Why, I’d love to have you for dinner!


019Striped Hyena

Kitteh – SOLD


hareArctic Hare

I Otter Stick My Tongue Out!


tiggerTigger (Pending Sale)