There Be Dragons!

(That is a quote from my father when he was probably a little past seven sheets to the wind and happily recounting a frog-gigging adventure with other inebriated compatriots. I think he was standing in the front seat with a frog gig over the windshield of an open Jeep. In the dark. Driving. Things he would have killed us kids for even contemplating. My dad was not always the best example of how to be a safe young adult – which is why most of his stories were never told to us when we were young an impressionable.)

My dragons are less dangerous.


After several months of thinking and rethinking how this particular wand should go together, I am finally finished with it.


The wood is rhododendron, sanded and painted.


The five-legged dragon is holding a “nest” made of a real abalone shell, painted with nail polish and wired in place.


Three dragonets hang on the lip, eager to explore.


The nest is a hard surface (did you expect softness from a dragon?) lined with mother-of-pearl. The shells of the babies are soft, like silkworm cocoons. The dragonets have not fully emerged, but each one has an adorable personality already.


I don’t think I could resist these little guys. Two girls (with diamond eyes) and a boy (in the middle, his little horns already in evidence).


Mama dragon is beyond happy.


She’s even a little protective.


But her wings are at rest, so she must trust me to hold the staff while doing the photo shoot.

I tackled this project with no plan, except that I knew the stick needed a head. The dragon emerged, then the nest, and the babies. Each piece has a story about why it is there and what the dragons are thinking.

Polymer clay, nail polish, wire, beads, glue, silkworm cocoon, craft paint = Dragon’s Nest Magic Wand

Will sell.


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  1. Jaci, Your vision was true to form. I really like this piece and the back story. The materials will always present themselves when needed. thank you for sharing.

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