Three New Mini’s

I really am working on the website. ๐Ÿ™‚

I have three new mini’s to add to my collection (all for sale, of course – inquire in the comments or on Facebook).

015Meet Harold, the Brown Pelican. Harold did reconnaissance during the second Great World War (note the Fly Boy scarf and goggles). Here he is, flying hungry, with a U-Boat in his sights. One well-planted bomb and he can take out the periscope – but only as long as the U-Boat is above the surface. He’s circling in for the shot…

007By far, one of my favorites. Charlotte O’Possum and Adelaide (Addy) Quoll meet for Thanksgiving Dinner at Aunt Polly’s, somewhere in the Deep South of the U.S.A. Instant friendship. The girls can’t stop talking to each other. Addy is from Australia and Charlotte is a native of Georgia, U.S.A. They’ve been pen-pals, but it seems they’ve always known each other.

011Not a great photo, but I kind of lost my “mojo” on this one. Still… Patsy the Pug nurses a strawberry milkshake at the “Road Kill Cafรจ” after breaking up with Marley.

All are acrylic. I can still save Patsy.