Trygve Goes Rogue


I spent Christmas in Georgia with my son and his family. We went a lot of places, and with the sole exception of downtown Savannah. my son kept saying he wanted to see a real, living alligator. We did not see one. This is Alfred, celebrating Mardi gras with his Southern Comfort. 2.5×3.5″ acrylic.

I think I will stick to seeing alligators in the zoo.


Pete the Pangolin wants to go aviator steampunk. I think he’s rocking the style. 3×3″ acrylic

Don’t research Pangolins. Do not search images. They are spiny anteaters that can roll up into a ball to ward of predators: except human ones. And humans are in a rush to eradicate Pangolins from existence. We eat them, we descale them and sell their scales on the Black Market, and we are pushing them into extinction.

Pete is lucky. He’s hiding out at a steampunk convention with his friend, Florence.


Florence is far from endangered. She’s a domestic bunny, a 4-H or FFA escapee. She loves the Redwall series, and the Long Patrol, even though she is a rabbit, and they are hares. She also likes hiding out at steampunk events. 3×3″ acrylic.

I thought I would paint a flicker in a Thor cosplay costume, but what happened was a working flicker.


Julie, who always dreamed of going into a male-dominated industry, discovered she was very good with a sledgehammer. So she got a yellow hard hat and went to work on the eaves of clap-board houses and old trees. She lives in the Pacific Northwest, so is a red-shafted sub-species of the Northern Flickers

Then Trygve came and upset everything. I’ve been trying to have a conversation with an elephant since I began painting minis, and that talk has eluded me. Until Thor. And Trygve.


4×4″ acrylic.

Trygve suddenly found himself with a lot of free time when Ringling Brothers retired all of their performing elephants.  Trygve was FREE. No schedule, no choreographed dances, no obligations.

Only a comic con or two to visit. So he went rogue. Got a Thor helmet and a Thor hammer. Found a Thor cape. Trygve took himself to the nearest Comic Con.

He’s speaking out for elephant rights everywhere. Trygve wants you to know that when there’s an elephant in the room, you cannot be silent.