I retired from my day job just a couple days over a year ago. I had great dreams for this website that did not happen. It’s OK – failure is sometimes a way to gauge our next step, and in this case, I needed to fail. This website is not going to be about selling art (although if you see something you want or you have a commission for me, you can most certainly send me a message and I will oblige). I want this to be more of a blog about my work and why I create what I create – not just the minis, but everything I make whether it is for sale or not.

I am on Facebook at Two Crow feather Woman Art and on Instagram as @jacidawn1 (I do have a personal account there as well so you might get a load of beer photos). I ask you to follow me on one or both social media sites.

I am currently working on a Pirate series of minis and a Mongolian series. I need to update my galleries here, but they are pretty much up to date on Facebook. Prices per piece of work depend on a number of factors: hours spent researching, actual painting, cost of supplies, plus postage. I’m flexible but not cheap – and I need to state it here and now: don’t ask for freebies or favors, even if you are a good friend. Those days are over. You want some of my art, you will pay for it.

In other news: Happy New Year! May 2020 shine on us all.

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