I am almost afraid to post on this blog, I have neglected it so.  The truth is: I got side-lined last year and creativity all but stalled.

I mean, nearly an entire year passed and I just couldn’t get any projects off the ground. I made lists of things I wanted to do. I bought supplies. But then I came home and I turned into a turnip. Every.Single.Night.

This year, four of my New Year’s Resolutions were about being creative. I didn’t *feel* it, but I knew I had to *do* it.

I could go into the whole creative process and how the mind can turn to mush after an 8-hour work day of crunching numbers plus a mind-numbing commute that adds up to at least 1.5 hours daily, but it really is all rubbish. We have a choice. And last year, I let the numbers and hours squelch everything inside of me. I curled up like a dry leaf and my spirit threatened to blow away.

So here it is, a full year later. I have made progress, although it is tentative. I’ve blogged about it on my gardening-and-grandchildren blog: jacidawn.com. It is time to separate my blogs and post the creative side of my life here, and leave the gardening, bird-watching, and cryptozoology posts over there (I follow all the Bigfoot news articles on major media outlets because, you know, if someone really finds a Bogfoot, it will make major media outlets in a nanosecond).

So: I will post my 2013 Photo 365 project here. I’m not really doing anything else with it: it’s a private project designed to make me think about photography as an art, not just a hobby or a bird-watching tool. Although, to be perfectly honest, the whole reason I wanted the camera/lens package I have is to spy on the birds in the feeder out front.

And I will move my creative posts over to this blog for 2013.

And that brings me to Dillanno. Well, I’m still not certain of the pronunciation of his name. That could change as I learn his language.


He’s going to be the central figure of this faerie house, built inside a hanging terrarium.

I’m too lazy to actually move the post, but you can read about the project here.


What I am certain of, is the main character. “Dill”, as he is affectionately called by his friends (and enemies) in the mossy woods.

Yesterday, Dill spent the afternoon choosing the fabric of his life. Originally, he wanted a Hawaiian-style shirt with lots of flowers, but I steadfastly argued against that idea. We dug through the suitcase and drawers of old clothes with interesting patterns, pieces of calico, scraps of fabric from other projects, and silk blouses I pick up at Goodwill for dirt cheap (silk is a wonderful fabric).

Dill loved this long black skirt I also used to love until the lace hem snagged on a chair and rendered the dress “un-mendable.” Un-mendable in my vocabulary can mean something as simple as: “I hate to sew, therefore I am not getting the sewing machine out to fix this” or it can mean: “This really is a piece of trash and no one can fix it”. This particular dress fell into the latter category.

But it has a lovely embroidered pattern and the fabric is a crepe cotton.


No, he’s not trying to “moon” anyone, but he’s showing off his very-stylin’ britches. Click on the photo for a larger view.

THEN, we went shirt shopping. And Dill talked to me, telling me a little about his military background (he is a peace officer of some kind in a mini-ogre security force, but he’s really a very peace-oriented soul. He’s like Andre the Giant or Steven Seagal.

(O.K. – funny: I could not think of Steven Seagal’s name. I even stopped to ask my husband, “You know, Action hero, into Buddha?” Not ringing any bells for him. So I typed: ACTION HERO BUDDHA into Google. Ta da! Steven Seagal. Gotta love Search Engines. But I digress.)

Since I nixed the Hawaiian shirt idea (although that particular calico was still pulling at both of us), we continued through my stores. And came upon another old crepe cotton dress of mine. This one also fell victim to the wheels on a desk chair and was rendered un-mendable. I actually think I could have mended this at one time, but it’s been cut into for different projects several times now, so it really *is* un-mendable now.


The embroidery is what makes this particular fabric so pleasing on a project. And the fact that the fabric takes so well to the glue process (almost as well as a silk does).


Dill insisted on the button. It is like a badge to him. A medal of honor.

We’re still talking about his story. I think he wants a hat, too. It’s a work in progress.


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