A Good Day Killing Dragons

We were camped in the mountains north of Burns, Oregon, just a little off a quiet dirt road and beside a stream full of minnows and frogs. Basalt rocks formed the walls of the canyon and Ponderosa pine trees grew straight and tall around us. This limb lay in the camp site.

Or is it the limb of a tree?

What the camera saw and what I saw were worlds apart. Dimensions apart.

I once had an art teacher (Mr. Little) who chided me because I saw dragons in the trees. But he never turned down a sketch. I think he was jealous because he could not see into that other realm.

Even the computer can see into the other dimension with a little help.

It’s the stuff of my dreams.

An ordinary day in the woods.

Or a good day hunting dragons?


pen & ink, colored pencil.

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