A Mini Football Team

I have been sitting on this little project for a while. I thought, at first, that I was going to paint a couple cheerleaders with pom-pons: an okapi, a bongo, a lesser kudu, and a quagga. All animals with stripes and long, graceful, legs. But here’s the kick: I wanted to add a maned wolf to the mix, too, and they don’t have stripes. Neither are they herbivores, like the others.

Well, I hit upon it the other night: a soccer team! I’d need eleven players and the maned wolf could be the coach. So my herd increased substantially: a Somali wild ass, a zebra, a greater kudu, an eland, a gerunuk, Thomson’s gazelle, and a pronghorn. All I need are the mini-canvases, a lot of sketches, and the time.

They will be sold as a group. That I am certain of. The story will develop as I paint: what team are they? What are their personalities? All I know right now is that they are a female soccer – or football – team, and the maned wolf is the coach. And, eventually, they will get their own page here.

Since I had a lovely snow day/day off today, I worked on the first player: the Team Captain. Meet Destin, the okapi calf.

okapi 010


Photo looks larger than the original, which is 2×3″. Acrylic on canvas.

*Okapis are endangered.


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