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I am embarrassed! I never posted – not on this blog or my other blog (gardening & life) about the Gathering of the Guilds and cool finds there. I’ve been two years in a row and it’s an amazing gathering of very girted artisans in the Pacific Northwest. What an oversight!

I go with my friend & fellow artisan, Mary. (you can visit her beading website here).  She is also on Etsy and has a Facebook page, so go check her out!

Last year, we were both tempted by a certain vendor in the woodworkers guild who was selling his cast-offs for a pittance.


He only asked that we show him the photos of our completed projects (whenever that should occur – as an artisan, he knew we might sit on these treasures for years before actually finding a use for them).


I no longer remember what I paid for the laser cast-offs or the tiny pieces, but it wasn’t a lot for the amount of stuff I brought home.

Fast forward to a quilt show I attend every year with my other friend, Diane, who does *not* have a website or an Etsy shop, but who should. Diane has made first quilts for several of my grandchildren for free (out of her heart & without request) and she deserves to be paid for her work. She loves to quilt and she’s pretty good at it.

I also have several cousins who live to quilt.

Makes me almost want to set up a sewing machine and go for it, but not quite.

ANYway, this year I found a big bag of “left over wool pieces” 10/$1.00. I only bought ten, and the strips are all a little over 1″ in width and varying lengths. No idea what I would do with them, but I love the textures.


I pinned this together on a styrofoam board a few days ago. Still – no real plan, but I liked the weave.

This weekend, I found a set of shutters for sale at Goodwill for $5.


Oh. Wow. The possibilities are endless. Do I wait for another quilt show to buy another ten lengths of wool leftovers (or go to Pendleton Woolen Mills)?? Do I mix the wool and the wood?

Heart be still.

I have a lot of thinking to do on this one.

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  1. Mary Gobet says:

    Squeeeeee! Fabric & Wood together. I love! I, like you, have not done anything with my stack of wood. I’m saving it for my retirement time. That’s my plan.

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