choosing photos to submit

I am at that point: submitting photos to be juried, so I can show my art at one (or two) art shows this summer. I do not have professional photos, and I am trying to decide which of MY photos to submit. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

These are the top contenders for the Mini Animals. I need two or three to submit. I couldn’t get a GOOD picture of the Soccer Team, but I still have a few days to work on that layout:

stripes team

And then there’s the “other” category: things I paint that are not “mini” animals. And are not necessarily gouache or acrylic:

This is one time I *really, really, really* need your constructive comments. I need to submit these by Saturday, the 11th. I can only submit four samples of my art. FOUR. I’d like 2-3 to be of the minis, since that is what I have concentrated on for the past two years, but I’d also like to include 1 (or 2) samples of my other work, because 1)I don’t have enough minis to fill a 10×10′ booth and 2)minis are not the be all and end all of my interests as an artist. they’re more of a means to an end, a way of branding myself. Establish the brand, and then expand.

So if you are reading this – please comment your thoughts. Feel free to look at my art gallery pages and pick something else out.

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