The Dead Fly Pub

This was my very first Faerie house. It was a serious undertaking, with lath for the floor (stained) and walls made from needlepoint plastic and fabric draped over both sides using Alene’s draping glue.I glued the lath to a 1/4″ piece of foam board, which is disguised by more fabric glued onto it. The posts are cuttings from my rhododendrons. The roof is needlepoint plastic covered with a selected fabric, and is removable, as I like to rearrange the characters in the pub from time to time.

The furniture is either hand made by me or thrift store.

Mavis, the ogress, owns the Dead Fly Pub. She has a pet (the snail with no name). She’s polymer clay and draped cloth, with yarn hair. 6.5″ tall.

Petrik is a regular. He’s a literary elf. He doesn’t drink much alcohol, but nibbles on cheese and crackers or sandwiches. Polymer clay and draped fabric. Always had a book in hand. He often eats al fresco on sunny days.

Klaus is a very sad forest elf. He drinks a tad too much (hence the red nose). He can be found in dark corners of the pub, at all hours of the day. Standing, he is probably 7″, taller than Mavis. He’s the fellow with the hooded jacket.

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