Cleaning Up Projects #1

I may forget to post #2, #3, #4, ad infinitum. Not sure that matters. I buy things with the idea that I will – someday – do something with that. I bought these shutters many years ago. They’ve been sitting on a drafting table in my studio, gathering dust and taking up room.

I inherited my Grandfather Wilcox’s childhood book series of “Billy Whiskers” by Frances Trego Montgomery in 2011. They were in very bad condition and I nearly cried – this was a childhood favorite of mine with a clever tale about the adventures of a billy goat (cleverly named “Billy”) and his mate (even more cleverly named “Nanny”). Billy Whiskers was an irascible character who got into many predicaments and had many adventures, along with his kids, “Day” and “Night” (so named because the former was white and the latter, black. Clever, very clever).

Only four of the five books had covers and several were missing pages, yet I could not bear to part with them. They belonged to Gramps! They were a favorite! My childhood!

I did not actually make any New Year’s Resolutions this year, but I have been actively trying to finish up old projects to get them out of the way for future projects. I have too much clutter. Too.Much.Clutter. But I can’t give it up when it can be reused or recycled, so the obvious solution is to FINISH the darn project already.

Cutting up Billy Whiskers was cathartic. I was ready to let go. I saved the best color plates, the hard covers, and some of the darling ink illustrations. I have enough for a second project, even. But the goal was to finish the pair of shutters.

This is shutter #1 (shutter #2 will have nothing to do with Billy Whiskers or recycled old books).

I’m pleased. The shutter folds in on itself for storage. It stands alone. I added a few paragraphs from the text. Most of all, I preserved Billy Whiskers and reused the shutter. Reuse, Recycle.

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