Shutter Art

I finally finished the second shutter/multi-media art piece. It was nowhere near as easy as the first. (I’ve had the design in the back of my head (and pinned to the drafting table in my studio) for a very long time (five years, I think).

The idea was simple enough: a collage of fabric backed with a collage of wood scraps purchased from a wood vendor some 5-6 years ago, all glued into the empty window space of the shutter. So simple, right?

Wrong. I discovered I needed a poster board layer between the wood and the fabric and the poster board would need to be stained like wood. Also, it all had to FIT into the space, so I had to make careful measurements. Then, the first try, the wood shifted and the whole lot wouldn’t fit into the space, so I had to redo that entire panel.

I also wanted to have a thin layer of clear vinyl over the whole thing because it was obvious (to me) that this would be a dust collector – and who wants to dust all those delicate parts of the collages? Not I. My first solution was a tedious cutting of a vinyl poster cover (like glass, only vinyl). It added too much volume and the collage wouldn’t fit – besides, the fabric side collage isn’t flat.

My second solution (and final) was to purchase a yard of clear outdoor vinyl at the fabric store (56″x36″). I thought a yard was overkill but because I ruined a couple first tries, a yard was ample. Oy.

But with persistence, some great books to hold everything in place (what? People read books? I use them to hold things in place), E6000 glue, and clear caulk, I have a finished multi-media work of art. Not perfect, but – whew! – finished.

Wood Side
Fabric collage side
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