Rescue Collie

Three years a go, I rescued a mini collie from a yard sale.



I think I paid $5 for him, far too much. The woman who sold him to me said she had painted him, and she was quite pleased that I liked him. I had the tact to keep my tongue, and told her that. yes, I felt he had personality. What I didn’t say was that I hated him. His stand was flimsy and too small, his coat dull and of the wrong color, but his eyes full of mischief.

I don’t work very fast, and the medium I chose to work with is tedious. I envisioned a collie made out of decoupage glue, colored tissue paper, and coated with varnish. I imagined the tissue paper would run (it didn’t). I imagined him on a sturdier stand.

Cutting the tissue paper was tedious as I chose to use mostly paisley shapes and triangles. Gluing it down was also tedious, and I had to work in spurts, allowing layers to dry before moving on to the next layer. In all, I put about three layers of tissue paper on him, maybe four. I chose for the stand to be understated.

He’s been finished for several months, but I only screwed the stand on to him this evening.



He seems so much happier now. I have no intention of keeping him (no space, really), so he is up for a re-homing. Price is very negotiable, because, well, despite how tedious some of the work was, I really don’t have that much invested in him. He is not suitable for the out-of-doors, except in good weather. He’s much happier indoors, and he eats next to nothing. No problem bathing or grooming him: he just needs to be dusted once a week.

I’m thinking $25 + S&H (which will probably cost as much as him, due to his dimensions. He’s 27.5″ long x 23″ tall (top of ears) x 5.5″ wide at the base. Weighs less than five pounds.

As always, let me know in the comments if you are interested.


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