Santa’s Workshop

I have been in such a dry place.

Then I uncovered some old, OLD, OLD Christmas decorations hidden in the garage. They were covered in dust and old spider nests and the paint was peeling.

Long, long, long ago my husband cut some plywood into a project for Cub Scouts. He was going to toss the scraps onto the burn pile. But I saw them.

At the time, I only had some ink and a little craft paint to work with. I carefully stained the wood with the ink, outlining the creatures I saw living in the wood. I dabbed on a little craft paint. I splurged on clear spray paint and coated the plywood. They lasted for years until the ink and plywood began to feel the ravages of rain, rain, rain, ice and even snow.

That was when I retired them, thinking I would find them some summer and repair them.

When I stumbled on them a month or so ago, I hauled them up to the studio. And let them sit while I sat in my dry little desert.

Until a couple days ago, that is. The dam burst. The muse began to tease me. I pulled out the sand paper and the house paint. I got lost in the zone.

The only reason I am blogging right now is because I have to wait for paint to dry.

I hope to have them finished by Friday when I brave the elements to put up my Christmas decorations for another year. This year, I have little LED spot lights I will shine on my art work at night.

Here’s a sneak preview:



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