Silverton Fine Arts Festival 2017

I have neglected my website! Summer came, and came with a vengeance: we’ve had nearly 60 days of no rain and the loft has been stifling. My daughter came to visit for ten days and I spent those days entertaining (and being entertained by) her four children. They left, and the realization that I was hurtling down space and time toward the Silverton Arts Festival hit me.

My list of things to do grew when my husband casually mentioned, “You should do a series of minis for the solar eclipse.”

Silverton, Oregon, is in the path of totality and will be filled with tourists hoping for a view of the solar eclipse. The Oregon Gardens are just a couple miles south of town, and they’re all booked for the event. The fine arts fair is the two days leading into the celestial event. We even have plans to be in a small town just north of Silverton (also in the path of totality) on the morning of the event.

I’ve been hurriedly purchasing things I need for my exhibit: stands to put art work on, a 10×10′ canvas pop-up with walls, a spare solar charger for my cell phone, and a way to process credit cards via Bluetooth. I’ve put up a practice booth in the backyard and taken it down, the last action done by myself to prove to me that I could do this solo, if I had to. (I won’t have to: a boothie will be with me both days, thank you so much, Diane!)

Today, my husband and I made a dry run to the park to check out my location and how far I might have to walk to access it. Then we made a dry run on the remotest of back roads between home and Silverton, in case we really are inundated with tourists and the roads are impossible to pass.

I finished #8 of the solar eclipse minis. Maybe I will get a #9 and #10 done before Friday, maybe not. It’s not important. They aren’t for sale until the weekend, an exclusive series just for this art show.

I hope to see as many local friends as possible on either Saturday or Sunday in beautiful Silverton, Oregon. Here’s a link to the Silverton Fine Arts Festival.

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  1. Kathy Deeds says:

    LOVE the eclipse pictures!!! Is the Green Lacewing (with a party hat) a Dragonfly? Jill’s Native name is Green Dragonfly, and I am loving it.

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