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You may have noticed that I have been updating gallery pages. Or maybe not, but that would be why I am writing this post. I am gearing up for the Holiday season, and I hope to make a few sales over the next few months (commissions, in particular). But I am also committing to make this an easy to navigate website and I want to include other marketable items like cards and prints for those who don’t feel they can afford original fine art. I committed to getting this all done by October 31st.

That means I will be researching and adding the best app for easy one-step payment and ordering of already finished items, uploading a commission agreement, and adding links to my Facebook business page. I committed to setting up an Etsy store as well, but am getting cold feet about that as it seems I may have missed the mark on the best fine arts/reproduction sales website (am leaning toward Redbubble right now, more research to be completed in the next few days).

I am concentrating on the mini animal portraits through New Years, and then will look at expanding my line. Keep an eye on my Pages – these are my galleries.

I am also balancing a Day Job and the annual NaNoWriMo challenge (National Novel Writing Month – November), so bear with me. As of tonight, I have ALL of the mini animal portrait pages updated (except the SOLD gallery). I am kicking it into gear for the marketing phase of my October goals.

Until I get my email and pay pal app uploaded here, feel free to contact me in the comments and I will get right back to you regarding price. If you want to order a commission, that’s wonderful – I am open. Price for a 3×3″ has gone up this year to $40. I will still pay P&H. If you want it before Christmas, please contact me before November 15. After the 15th, I will let you know if I think I can get it done and shipped to you by Christmas. My latest shipping date would be December 10th. I can’t guarantee anything after that date.

Meanwhile – look over my Zoo pages (those are the only ones I have updated) and consider if you want a commission.

Here’s my latest: Maverick. Maverick is the best friend of a young boy, and he (the dog) just developed a large tumor. Since I just put a dog down in August (well, called a vet to do the deed), I totally understand the heaviness of heart. (3×3″ acrylic)


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  1. MaryzMaryz says:

    Good luck on your new venture. I approve of the steps toward your goal. You got this.

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