Ten Steps Closer!


I’m tired! I spent the past 8 hours working on this web site. It was my “plan for the day”, meaning that if I couldn’t find a way to procrastinate (again), I was going to have to tackle the web page and the different “galleries” for the art work I do. I’ve only been procrastinating since January 1st, when I made my resolution to do something with this website.

Somewhere between the time I last logged in and today, WordPress changed the way I access my blogs, and redid my “dashboard” and – suddenly – everything was so clear and simple! It was probably there all the time, but today, it made sense. And I had no more excuses.

I’d picked out my theme, but I was struggling with the pages, the tags, the presentation – and, while it is still not complete, I am finally on the right track! My web page is going to look the way I want it to! Yowza!

So what did I do that was so fantastic? I deleted all my pages and reloaded them, creating galleries. That’s all. There’s still a lot more work to do, because I realized halfway into the project that what I was writing wasn’t getting posted. I have more pages to add. I need to add some widgets still. But – suddenly – I know how. And fixing those issues is no longer an unknown that is causing me internal anxiety and panic, it’s a simple (but time-consuming) process. I can handle time-consuming. It’s the unknown I can’t handle that causes me anxiety and panic, and, therefor, procrastination.

I’m not taking any art orders until after the first of the year. I can’t deal with it right now, and it is too late to get anything to anyone in time for Christmas. I may be changing out my pricing system, too, but for now, I am confident that I am well within the pricing range of similar artists. (Oh, I’ve been doing my homework this summer!)

It is HUGE to me that I have jumped this hurdle and the web page is turning into what I had envisioned seven years ago, when I started this. It started out as a hobby, but is quickly turning into a source of income. I’m excited. And cross-eyed from staring at the computer.

It’s all good…

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