TenWreck Hedghog – A Band

Heavy metal? Punk? or my favorite genre: Americana? Nah, they aren’t your average balladeer, so they’re either punk, emo, or heavy metal. You decide.

titi d

Titi D. Rotten (pronounced TeeTee).

Born Tim Tenrec, he’s one of the Founding Members of the band. He plays a mean bass guitar, and he’s never had to dye his fur or spines, but he did pierce his ears. He sometimes sings, but he prefers to just jam.


Rizzo Atelerix, lead singer, and co-founder (the Hedgehog in the band name). He has a vocal range not unlike Robert Plant or Freddie Mercury.

Belt it out, Rizzo!


Rizzo’s little brother, and the lead guitar: Skeeter. He’s never serious and the band has a lot of trouble reining him in, especially when he does something impulsive and jumps into the mosh pit (believe me, the fans don’t want to drop him, but they’d rather he stayed on stage, too)!


Kamal Saadim Wardi – he isn’t responsible for his name, it’s traditional Somali. Kamal is a black and rouge elephant shrew, and is very often the accompanying vocals. He’s a gifted keyboardist, having been given traditional piano lessons for over a decade. He used to play for the church band, but when he got this gig… He grabbed it.


Percussion can make or break a band. Fortunately, TenWreck Hedgehog has Freddie P. Jerboa on hand. He may look awkward with those drum sticks, but I promise you, awkward, he is not. He can pound out a rhythm. He’s INFJ, he’s a creative songwriter. and he’s sooooo handsome that the fans swoon when he handles a drum solo. You can’t see his tail in this snapshot, but it’s long and tufted. Freddie P. is a rock star.

Heck, maybe they pay R&B. R&B would be so cool.

Anyone want to record a song for them? 😀

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