Hiatus, Retirement, I’m Back

That’s a lousy way to headline a post, but it’s the only thing I could come up with to explain why I have been so absent and now I am suddenly back at it. *whew*

2018 was an unproductive year on the outside. I thought a lot. Walked a lot. Prayed a lot. 2018 was all inside my head, except for the mundane 9-5 and my daily rituals outside of The Grind. Halfway through the year, I had an epiphany: I would retire at the end of December and start taking early Social Security so I could pursue my dreams. It was six months earlier than we had planned, but the decision resonated deep within my heart as tyhe right thing to do. Sometimes, our spirit just knows the answer to the prayer we can’t form the words to.

I have been retired for a month. I’m painting. Writing. Studying: how-to WordPress, Art Theory, Story telling I’ve attended one writer’s group. I’m collaborating with another artist. I’m going to cosplay events. I’m launching my redesigned website.

You will still have to contact me directly about purchasing something I have up for sale (or a commission). Speaking of, I have a voice mail message on my phone I need to reply to. I don’t think she’s looking for something I can do but then – I could be very wrong.

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