The Project List

I worked on cleaning my studio today. It’s mostly a little dust, some dog hair, and a ton of unfinished projects standing in the way of things. I wrote down every single unfinished project. Every.Single.One. There’s a lot.

And some – I got side-tracked and worked on, like Zith. She fell over and broke her right arm sometime last summer, and I have been struggling with how to repair her – and keep her standing. No before pics – I’ll need to dig to find those. But these are the interim “after pics”: after I figured out how to get her to stand up straight, again.

I was looking, specifically, for ideas to display my minis come summer (assuming I am juried into at least one show!). A friend suggested using old frames to hang the minis from, and I certainly have a plethora of those. I can do that.

But I discovered I have this:


It is an old defibrilator case that my father had. It was lined in some sort of green vinyl, and some of the hardware inside of it cannot be removed, but I certainly did my best at stripping out the liner and choosing what could be removed. I figure a nice paint job on the outside, something to protect the old leather – and I can carry my mini portraits in this case. It’s 25″ wide x 10″ deep x 7″ tall.


Stripped of liner and up-ended, this is what it looks like. I figure I can line it with cork board and a felt cover. The hardware showing is what I cannot remove without compromising the case. BUT…


It can double as a display case! The sort of vintage case I would like. These are some of my larger “mini’s”, and it is perfect for them.

So – corkboard and some satisfactory cloth/felt.


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