Two by Two Inch Canvases

I must have picked the canvases up at Michael’s for a dollar or two. It was a splurge purchase, I remember that. I was there  for something else and the canvases were a loss-leader on the end of the aisle. I had absolutely no idea what I would put on a canvas that small (5.08cmx5.o8cm).

Then I picked up the gouache with my gift card (also a loss-leader on the end of an aisle).


The hummingbird was the first one.


Then the giraffe.

Oh.My.Gosh. I am hooked. What funny animal can I paint next??


How about a highly amused burro?


I *love* camels – why not a pair of them?

Actually, the camels didn’t come out as humorously as I desired, and a little bit over-worked, but I’ll take them.


But I *really* like this guy.

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