Where Women Create)

There is a magazine (a great one, I might add) about “where Women…” Create, Do Business, Whatever. It has been a bit of an inspiration for me. I buy it when I am in line at the fabric/craft store and I see a new issue has come out. It inspires me and it depresses me, all in one.

I decided to do my version of “where women create”. but without hiding things. Here’s where I create!


I’m going to steampunk that hat.

I need to paint the owls for that painting.

I have plans for those shutters, all laid out on that table. Just gotta figure out the “how”.


I need to sew those things on top of my sewing machine. They were my mother’s projects before she died: puppets.

I simply cannot comment on the rest… My little boxes of screws, nails, cup hooks… the pasta/polymer clay press… minis in a case…


My computer desk. Paint brushed, canvases, my photo that I am working from, and things that make me happy. Letter from a friend, even.


Water, brushed, a statue base. a sculpture… My tool box. Projects lined up with the paper cutter.

No wonder I jump from things to things. My brain is cluttered!!!