Zoo Tributes

I have been working on a few “tribute” critters. They happen spontaneously. I find an animal I am fascinated by and a composite of photos that I can work from. Then I ask myself if this critter should be: A) just an animal in it’s natural habitat, B) an animal in cosplay: faerie, sci-fi, superhero, Sakuracon, story character (i.e. someone from Redwall by Brian Jacques or a Sherlock Holmes character), C) an animal in clothes, for no more reason than anthropomorphism. Sometimes, the animal wants more. It wants to be someone.

008 (2)

For instance, this Hoopoe bird just had to be Frida Khalo

004 (3)This Griffon vulture begged to be Mata Hari after I read a news release about it’s capture and release from Lebanon.

It was a moment when you ask yourself, “Seriously?” I have a shark and a dolphin in the wings, also arrested and accused of spying.

008 (2)Then there was this guy. He was stuck inside a frame I purchased ages ago and just recently decided to put a photograph in. But I couldn’t escape those sly coyote eyes. And when I started sketching him out, he spoke to me: Bogart. Sam Spade. Maltese Falcon.

He was in sepia tones, but I liked the black and white of The Maltese Falcon. Kind of a sexy coyote, don’t you think?


Meet Janis Cow. I found several Hereford calf photos and these little critters began lowing at me. Janis. Janis. Janis.

Makes me want to break out into a chorus of something…


What can I say?